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How does a 2-stroke Diesel Engine Works?

How does a 2-stroke Diesel Engine Works
If you have ever used a chainsaw with a two stroke engine, you have known the two- stroke advantage. A two-stroke engine can produce roughly twice the power of a same-size four-stroke engine because you get twice as many power strokes when the engine is running at a given RPM.
The same thing happens when a diesel engine is designed to run in a two-stroke mode. You get more power from the engine compared with the normal four-stroke mode. The diesel two-stroke configuration is so efficient and powerful that it is often used in train locomotives.
In a summary, a two-stroke diesel engine requires a blower to compress intake air. When the piston hits the bottom of the stroke, it opens a set of intake holes in the cylinder wall. The exhaust valve also opens that the top of the cylinder. The exhaust gases flow out the exhaust valve and fresh air pours into the cylinder (under pressure) through the intake holes. The piston compresses this air as it rises and diesel fuel is injected at the top of the stroke.

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